Snaps vs. Velcro?

Thirsties Duo Wrap (Size 1 Storm Cloud) in *Snaps*

Thirsties Duo Wrap (Size 1 Storm Cloud) in *Snaps*

Most cloth diapers and covers come in either snaps or velcro (also known as aplix or hook and loop). Everyone will have their preference but like anything else, there are pros and cons of each type.

First of all, most all adjustable-size diapers and covers will have snaps to adjust the rise (vertical size) of the diaper. Some come in two settings, some come in more but most all of them have snaps. It is in the waist size and closure that you need to make the decision on whether you want velcro or snaps. Here are some things to consider when making this choice:


Pros: last longer, can be easily replaced, looks better, harder for a toddler to undo

Cons: can fall off (but most don’t), not as adjustable, may be harder for somebody not accustomed to CD (like occasional care givers), some daycares only want velcro

Velcro/Aplix/Hook & Loop:

Pros: very adjustable, easier to secure, easier for occasional caregivers and those who are not knowledgeable in CD

Cons: must secure to laundry tabs before washing (or you will get a diaper chain), wears out faster, harder to replace (sewing required), easier for a toddler to undo

Personally, I feel like more people choose snaps and that is why my whole stash is snaps. We all know that the more velcro gets used, the less sticky it can be and this is a problem true to CD as well. If you are handy with a sewing machine it should be no problem to replace the velcro when it wears out but if you are like me, and don’t even own a sewing machine, snaps may be a better option for you! They rarely fall off but if they do, they are simple to replace and you can get replacements at any fabric store.

There is one major draw to velcro however! I’m told it is much easier to get a good fit on baby with a diaper that closes with velcro. Sometimes babies are too big for one snap setting and too small for the next. I do not really have a solution for this problem, but if anyone has any great ideas, I would love to hear them. Nonetheless, most snap users love them and have no problems.

What do you prefer, snaps or velcro? Why?


3 thoughts on “Snaps vs. Velcro?

  1. I’m expecting my first child, due this September. I bought all snaps. They seem easier to use and from what I’ve researched, last longer. I’m very excited to give them a try. 🙂

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