Cloth wipes?

First of all, this will be my last post until at least July 12th (unless I re-blog something). I am going out of town until late on the 10th and then the 11th is filled with prenatal appts, unpacking and likely a mountain of laundry. I will then be back to posting 2-3 times a week until baby boy is born, at which point I will be on a hiatus for a little bit. 

Today I mostly want your opinions. I have already figured out what diapers I want to start with, what detergent to try, how to make my front loading washing machine give me more water and I’ve gotten my husband on board. I have purchased every little thing I can think of that I may need or want except wipes!

Initially I want to use cloth wipes at home and disposables when I am out. Eventually I will bring the cloth wipes along when I go out too but until I figure out this ‘being a mom’ thing, I will try to keep it simple and not worry about carrying around wipes and solution everywhere I go.

This is where I need your help: what wipes do I buy?!?

I have seen all kinds of brands and most come in at $1-$2 a piece. I have a hard time spending that much on something to wipe up poop but will do it because I know there is money to be saved in the long run. If I absolutely must spend this on wipes, I want to know what the best ones are. That is where you come in! If you have tried cloth wipes, what brands have you tried? Is one kind better than another? Are the thin, tiny baby wash cloths really good enough? How many is a good number to start?

I should mention that I do not sew. As appealing as it is to make my own, I do not have a sewing machine or any sewing supplies, so making my own will not be happening.

Thanks for all of your help! When I return from my trip I will be ordering my wipes and I will let you all know what I’ve purchased. I will do a review on them once baby boy is here.


5 thoughts on “Cloth wipes?

  1. I have an opinion on this!!! I also researched cloth wipes frantically and ended up making some with terry on one side and flannel on the other. While I did really like them, they were big and bulky. After hearing the same from many, I started using baby face cloths! I just bought a whole bunch in separate colours from her bath ones. They are perfect. Scrubby on one side, soft on the other and I can fit soooo many in my wipes warmer. The wipes warmer is also perfect as it keeps your cloth wipes ready and wet. I bought the munchkin one after reading reviews and it’s great.

  2. Haven’t had baby yet but I also read that baby washcloths were great to use as wipes. Babies r is had a ten pack of the cheaper ones a while back for less than five bucks and they were buy one get one half off. So I stocked up on those and just got the slightly fancier model to use as washcloths so I would know which was which.

  3. I agree with the first comment. My baby boy isn’t here yet either but I read tons of positive things about using baby washcloths as wipes. They are a lot cheaper and pretty thin yet still look like they would clean better than disposable wipe. Babies r is has some cheap ones that are ten for five bucks I think. And I bought them a few weeks ago and they were having a sale for buy one get one half off. So I stocked up. I’ve heard they come in handy for little boys as well bc you can cover up their little area so you don’t get peed on during a diaper change. I just got the slightly fancier washcloths for bathing so I would know which was which.

  4. Baby wash cloths are great to use for wipes! I ended up with a whole bunch from my baby showers that I never used for baths. For traveling I take dry wash cloths and wipe solution in a spray bottle, it works great for us!

  5. I made my own with flannel receiving blankets and really like that fabric. If you can’t sew your own, check out Etsy. There are lots to choose from. Wash clothes are good, but I prefer the thicker flannel or terry fabrics. I have a spray bottle with water, a little baby soap, and a few drops of tea tree oil and spray the wipes as I need them.

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