After some experience…

Wow! I cannot believe it has been 2 months since baby C. was born. Time has flown and this blog has become a little neglected. I really thought I would have time to update sooner than this! Nonetheless, baby C. is resting peacefully right now (could change any second) so I figured now is a better time than any to get in here and tell you about the cloth diapers I have been using.

BumGenius Freetime All-in-One:

We LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They dry so fast and absorb so much. They are not overly bulky so we have not had any issues getting clothing to fit over them. The suede-cloth stay-dry material does not stain easily so they stay looking nice without much time in the sun. I started with 2 of these and my collection has grown to 5 so far. I really want the new ‘Top-Hat’ print coming out in December but hubby J. has since asked “how many more diapers do we need” so I think he is on to me.

Grovia Hybrid:

I thought I would love these but they are the last I reach for. I have 6 organic cotton inserts and 8 stay-dry. The stay-dry causes baby C. to break out into a rash and the organic cotton is not absorbent enough for night time so we have had a number of leaks when the insert becomes soaked. On top of that, they take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry. I mean, over two hours compared to the 45-60 minutes for the rest of my diapers.  I don’t want to waste electricity so I dry them with my diapers and then throw them in with regular clothes to dry the rest of the way. I do really like the covers though and they are holding up well.

Econobum Prefolds + Covers:

At first, baby C. was much too tiny for these. Considering he was almost 10lbs at birth, I was unsure how long it would take for them to fit. Since about 12 lbs we have been using them regularly and they have become our workhorse diaper. I have 12 prefolds and 4 covers. Most of the time, the cover stays clean so I never get to the end of my covers before the end of my diapers, but it has come close. I snappi the pre-fold on baby, snap on the cover and a way we go. I mostly use these at home because it is more work than I would like to do out of the house. The pre-folds are very well made and are designed to be one size. I am not sure how I could use it on the ‘small’ setting though, because it would put too much bulk between babies legs to be comfortable. If you do not know much about these pre-folds, look them up to understand what I am talking about in regards to the one size feature. As for the covers, we are only 8 weeks in and the elastics are already stretched out. I may contact the company in regards to warranty because they will not last much longer.

OsoCozy Indian Prefolds:

These worked great until baby grew out of them (I only tried two of these in the ‘infant’ size). I preferred them to the EconoBum while they fit simply because there was way less bulk).

Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover:

I purchased 2 of these covers in size 1 in hopes to have a nicer cover option over my pre-folds. Well.. under a big bulky Econobum pre-fold, they barely fit. I used them once or twice and then put them away for good. Pretty cover – not very functional on my 14lb baby (they are supposed to fit until 18lbs but they definitely would need to be over something trimmer for that to happen).

What’s next?

I have on order 2 MotherEase One-Size (MEOS) fitteds and 2 sweetpea diaper covers. When I have a chance to use these and get a feel for them, I will update again.

I also hope to do a post of the accessories I have and what I think of those.

<<<Baby is waking – GTG>>>


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