Welcome to CDsimple – my opinion based blog on everything I have come to understand about cloth diapering.  This blog is still under construction, so please be patient as I take the knowledge from my head and put it in word form.  I hope that this blog helps other moms make informed choices when it comes to diapering their babies and helps to simplify cloth diapering for those who choose that route!

As this blog is opinion based, please note that I under no circumstances claim to be right.  I may think I am right (I always think I am right), but what works for me may not be the best options for everyone.  Of course, some sections will be based on fact because there simply is no arguing when it comes to defining the difference between an insert and a cover (right?).  As well, my opinion will no doubt change as I throw myself into the world of cloth diapering.  Truth is, I haven’t actually started yet.  I have done hours of research, read blogs, decided on types and purchased diapers but my baby is not expected until August 2013 and until that time, I really can’t tell you where I made mistakes or how I fixed them.  In the meantime, I can tell you a lot about what I think will work and why, based on the reading that I have done.

Please note: I will regularly link to other websites and blogs that I feel are good references. These sites are not my own and thus, I am not responsible for content on these websites, nor do I necessarily agree with everything found there. It may even contradict what I have written here. Cloth diapering is not science and everyone will have their own methods that work for them – there are no right and wrong answers.

This blog is Canadian-owned and managed. While most of the info will apply to everyone, please note that retailers, brands and prices may be different elsewhere.

I started this blog because there seems to be a ton of information about cloth diapers out there – too much! When I first began researching diaper options for my baby-to-be (way back when I was still trying to get pregnant) I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the different types of diapers you could choose from, as well as the terminology. I could understand ‘cover’ easily enough, except that there were covers with velcro, aplex, snaps, gussets and everything in between. Then, of course, there were things that went into covers – liners, inserts, boosters, doublers and soakers. What in the world was the difference between all of these ‘things’?? It didn’t end there either…there was still brands to choose from as well as materials, and I had not yet gotten into the fun stuff – all the awesome prints and colors. It all seemed to be way too complicated for a first time mom!

I did not give up – at least not yet! I soon learned about All-In-One diapers. These are 1 piece diapering solutions. Baby wears them once and they get washed and reused, much like a pair of underwear, and certainly the closest option available to a disposable. STOP RIGHT THERE! Sure, it sounded great, but do a little digging and you can easily find lists of pros and cons of this diaper type. The biggest con I found was the price! Most of the ones I was finding were in the $20-$30 CAD price range and from my research, I knew I needed 24-36 of them. If I average $25 a diaper and get the minimum of 24, I have spent over $600 upfront and I would still need a lot more things (or so I thought). My cloth diaper dreams stopped there (at least for a short time).

With a little one on the way, I started thinking of expenses and soon my interest in cloth diapers was renewed. I began my research and started making decisions. This blog/website has been created as an outlet to store all of my ideas and share what I have learned.

About Me:

I am a first time mom-to-be with a little boy due in August 2013. I live in New Brunswick, Canada and this is my first time maintaining a blog. I believe that cloth diapering is something all parents should at least consider but acknowledge that it may not be right for everyone!


5 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you! I can’t wait to start actually trying this out. Hubby has said that we already have enough diapers so this blog is to tide me over on my addiction until baby boy arrives!

      • Haha! It really does become kind of addicting, especially all the cute patterns! I blame it on all the research that has to be done; you invest so much time looking at everything you can’t help but become addicted to it : D
        Everything I see a cute pattern or order one, I’d get excited : p

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