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Wow! I cannot believe it has been 2 months since baby C. was born. Time has flown and this blog has become a little neglected. I really thought I would have time to update sooner than this! Nonetheless, baby C. is resting peacefully right now (could change any second) so I figured now is a better time than any to get in here and tell you about the cloth diapers I have been using.

BumGenius Freetime All-in-One:

We LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They dry so fast and absorb so much. They are not overly bulky so we have not had any issues getting clothing to fit over them. The suede-cloth stay-dry material does not stain easily so they stay looking nice without much time in the sun. I started with 2 of these and my collection has grown to 5 so far. I really want the new ‘Top-Hat’ print coming out in December but hubby J. has since asked “how many more diapers do we need” so I think he is on to me.

Grovia Hybrid:

I thought I would love these but they are the last I reach for. I have 6 organic cotton inserts and 8 stay-dry. The stay-dry causes baby C. to break out into a rash and the organic cotton is not absorbent enough for night time so we have had a number of leaks when the insert becomes soaked. On top of that, they take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to dry. I mean, over two hours compared to the 45-60 minutes for the rest of my diapers.  I don’t want to waste electricity so I dry them with my diapers and then throw them in with regular clothes to dry the rest of the way. I do really like the covers though and they are holding up well.

Econobum Prefolds + Covers:

At first, baby C. was much too tiny for these. Considering he was almost 10lbs at birth, I was unsure how long it would take for them to fit. Since about 12 lbs we have been using them regularly and they have become our workhorse diaper. I have 12 prefolds and 4 covers. Most of the time, the cover stays clean so I never get to the end of my covers before the end of my diapers, but it has come close. I snappi the pre-fold on baby, snap on the cover and a way we go. I mostly use these at home because it is more work than I would like to do out of the house. The pre-folds are very well made and are designed to be one size. I am not sure how I could use it on the ‘small’ setting though, because it would put too much bulk between babies legs to be comfortable. If you do not know much about these pre-folds, look them up to understand what I am talking about in regards to the one size feature. As for the covers, we are only 8 weeks in and the elastics are already stretched out. I may contact the company in regards to warranty because they will not last much longer.

OsoCozy Indian Prefolds:

These worked great until baby grew out of them (I only tried two of these in the ‘infant’ size). I preferred them to the EconoBum while they fit simply because there was way less bulk).

Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover:

I purchased 2 of these covers in size 1 in hopes to have a nicer cover option over my pre-folds. Well.. under a big bulky Econobum pre-fold, they barely fit. I used them once or twice and then put them away for good. Pretty cover – not very functional on my 14lb baby (they are supposed to fit until 18lbs but they definitely would need to be over something trimmer for that to happen).

What’s next?

I have on order 2 MotherEase One-Size (MEOS) fitteds and 2 sweetpea diaper covers. When I have a chance to use these and get a feel for them, I will update again.

I also hope to do a post of the accessories I have and what I think of those.

<<<Baby is waking – GTG>>>


Baby watch update!

Quick update to say baby boy is here. ‘C.’ was born on August 30th. We started cloth diapers a few days ago. Things are crazy right now but as soon as they settle down, I will post a better update and let you know how much I am loving the cloth diapers.

Baby watch update!

Just a very quick post to say that baby boy still hasn’t arrived. Will be induced by the end of the week if he decides to stay in much longer. I will get back to regularly posting about CD once he is home and settled and has his cute little butt in some fluff!

You’ll get no mommy-points from me!

I have been dealing with some late pregnancy insomnia lately so I was up at about 3am reading forum posts and blogs. I came across a forum post about poop-explosions and how to deal with them in public and one response read “well I use cloth diapers so we don’t have this problem because we never get blowouts”. I’ve seen similar posts in the past from mothers who feel that they are somehow superior because they use cloth diapers and think that they are doing somebody a favour by discretely suggesting they do the same.

Well… I will not do this. I honestly feel that we all have our reasons for parenting however we choose and no parent is somehow better because they are a “breast feeding mother” or a “cloth diapering parent” or a “co-sleeping family”. In regards to cloth diapers, they are just not right for everyone. While I am very excited to give them a go and think that there are a lot of benefits to using cloth, I would never even attempt it if I didn’t have my own washer and dryer. I am not sure I would attempt it with twins or if my husband wasn’t also on board with using them. If I had not known anyone who also uses them, I probably would never have given them a second thought and if I didn’t have some extra cash to invest in buying my stash without knowing if I would like it, I probably would have started with disposables. If I was grossed out over bodily fluid, I would have said ‘forget it’!

What I am trying to say is, while I think people should consider the option, I don’t knock people who choose disposables. We are all parents of different situations and to feel like we are not good enough because we chose disposables (or we make any other parenting choice) is just not right. Do what is right for your family and don’t act superior because you think your choice is somehow better than the alternative. At the end of the day, it is only better for you!

Diaper deal love

I snagged an awesome deal today! 2 GroVia covers, 4 inserts and 2 boosters (about a $100 value taxes included) for $30!

Ok, so….. I didn’t need any more diapers but for that price I couldn’t turn it down. They are very lightly used (ie. used for 1 week). I honestly don’t think the person selling them knew she could have easily gotten double her asking price but heck… who am I to fill her in?

So CD parents… Don’t forget to check your local buy and sell sites for cloth diapers, you never know what kind of deal you will find!

Baby watch update: any day now! Can’t wait to meet my little man!

Cloth diaper trial and errors

Finding the right diaper for you is not always easy but once you find a system you like, the leftovers can often be re-sold. It helps to try out different styles and brands first and a diaper trial from a local shop can help you do just that!

Olive Pitts

Ah, cloth diapers, good ol’ cloth diapers.
It has been two years now since I started my adventure in cloth, and boy, have I ever learned a ton!

It all started with a Craigslist ad, “free cloth diaper stash” what? You mean I could diaper my child for free? And it’s only a block away!?(I was 8 months pregnant, lol, good thing it was close)

So I picked them up, checked them out, got very excited, and started researching, and researching and reading and googling and researching.
These diapers were Kushies brand, a Walmart available diaper, plain flannel insides, Velcro tabs, nothing special.

And then I realize that these diapers had horrid reviews, and that ‘gasp’ they won’t fit from newborn! So obviously I had to look for more suitable ones.

Back to Craigslist, I found a bummis diaper set, a lot of pre folds in newborn and infant size…

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High-tech diapers

Today I will diverge a little from my cloth diapering posts to express my opinion on some up-coming disposable diaper trends, specifically the new ‘smart’ diaper by Pixie Scientific (read about it from and the Huggies TweetPee device (learn more from While I generally think that new technology always has a use in our society, I feel that these products have missed the mark.


Pixie Scientific ‘smart’ diaper:

If I understand correctly, this diaper has an embedded QR code on it and when your child pees, the code will change colours. If there are any abnormalities, you can scan the code with your phone and find out more precise info to determine if you should bring your baby to the doctor. While I do think this sounds pretty cool, the idea in general worries me for a number of reasons.

First of all, has technology allowed us to become so far removed from reality that we cannot tell that our children need medical attention? What will happen if the technology in the diaper fails and a parent does not notice? Will parents ignore other medical symptoms if their child’s diaper is still telling them that all is well? Regardless if your diaper is designed to tell you that your baby is sick, parents should know what to look out for and be actively keeping an eye on their children’s health. If they are doing that and they suspect a problem, properly trained medical professionals will be able to run the appropriate tests to get the same info the diaper could have told you (and likely more). Perhaps at that point, when a problem has been suspected, this diaper could be used to gather preliminary data on the baby to help expedite diagnosis but I don’t feel that it is an adequate every-day replacement for watching out for changes in your child. I worry about the families that may use it as such and possibly miss or ignore other medical symptoms because they have become dependant on their diapers.

Secondly, disposable diapers are already full of chemicals! In order to create this colour changing QR code that is supposedly precise enough to measure bacteria levels, chemical reactions are needed. In other words, chemicals are added to the diaper that react with urine to create the colour change. Our babies are exposed to enough and now we want to add more exposure in order to track their health (which we have been able to do all along without the help of a diaper)? It just doesn’t make any sense to me, even if the chemicals used are currently considered safe. By ‘currently considered safe’, I of course mean ‘for now’ as many products are considered safe for a long time to be promptly pulled from the market due to causing detrimental health problems.

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Huggies TweetPee

Moving on to the Huggies TweetPee, which is currently being tested in Brazil. This is not so much a diaper as it is a gadget that works with your diapers. Huggies has launched an official website for this diaper gadget but since it is in Portuguese, my understanding of how it works has come from the news. Basically, it is a device that attaches to baby’s diaper and it sends your phone a message whenever baby needs to be changed. It also tracks how many diapers you use to tell you when to buy more.

My concerns with this device mostly circle around the idea that parents need to be told when to change baby. Shouldn’t we be in regular enough contact with our baby to know if it is time for a change? Huggies already has a colour changing wetness indicator to tell you if baby has peed but now we suddenly need our phones to tell us too? Is that a sign of the times that we are spending more time on our phones than with our babies? Perhaps if you think this product is an awesome idea, you should be asking yourself “why do I not know my baby needs a clean diaper?”.

I will give this product a little credit however. Some parents tend to leave their children in disposables longer than they should, simply because it saves money if they can stretch a few extra hours out of each diaper. Personally, this practice irritates me because if a baby is wet or dirty then they need to be changed as soon as possible. Adults wouldn’t want to live in a dirty or wet diaper for any longer than necessary, why should a baby? So I will credit TweetPee for helping to reduce this problem if it works to remind parents to change baby as soon as a diaper is soiled.

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Travelling with CDs

So, after a two week hiatus, I am back! I wanted to write a post on Friday but some minor pregnancy complications got in the way and after a few hours in the hospital, I spent the rest of the day sleeping. All is well now so I figured I would share my thoughts on travelling with cloth diapers.

If you have been following this blog, I am personally not CDing yet because my baby is not due until August. With that said, I just returned from a 8 day trip that involved 2 flights and a 6 month old in cloth diapers. I went home to Newfoundland with a friend and her baby and we stayed with my parents. While my friend was initially hesitant about taking her cloth diapers, she went with it and we made it work.

The results: super easy!

It helped that we had access to a washing machine so washing was not a problem. The only downfall was the packing: my friend uses pocket diapers and she brought around 30 with her which took up most of a small suitcase alone. We flew on West Jet and unfortunately, they only permit you to take one extra bag (a ‘diaper bag’ carry-on) when you are travelling with an infant in your lap. Once you factor in extra clothing for baby, feeding supplies and toys, my friend’s bags were packed to the max! It did not look comfortable carrying around a baby in a wrap, 2 carry-on bags and a purse the whole time at the airports but you do what you got to do.


Tips in case you need to travel soon:

  • Bring a large wet bag or pail liner big enough for most of your diapers. We used a Kanga Care pail liner and hung it on a door knob to collect diaper laundry. You do not want to get somewhere and wonder where you are going to put those dirty diapers.
  • Bring disposable liners. If you are going somewhere without a diaper sprayer, you will need to dunk and swish or use a liner. If you are already into the dunk and swish method of removing poop then continue on, but if you are used to rinsing your diapers with a sprayer, you may want some extra help, especially when in unfamiliar territory.
  • Be prepared to show everyone your diapers! Honestly, this was a great benefit to bringing my friend and her baby home with me. When I told my mom I wanted to CD, she was hesitant and didn’t know if it would work. With my friend at my parent’s place, I was able to show her just how far CDing has come. She even got excited and showed a lot of other family the cute fluff that was on baby’s bum!

My Cloth Diapers Are Leaking, What Is Wrong?

Cloth Diaper Kids Blog

There are only 3 reasons that a cloth diaper will leak…ready for it?

#1) Improper Fit 
Look at the fit of your diapers on baby. Is it too loose or too tight?  The diaper should fit snugly around the waist and legs with no gaps.  Move baby’s legs up and down, side to side.  If you see any gaps, you’re going to get leaks, so check the adjustment.  Fit issues are seen most commonly with newborns (who tend to have skinny legs) and after baby has a growth spurt.  Chubby thigh babies who suddenly slim out when they become walking toddlers can get leaks if your diaper adjustment hasn’t followed suit.  Don’t be afraid to tighten diapers well.  You won’t hurt baby.  Elastics in cloth diapers are nice and stretchy.  Note: If you are using FuzziBunz One Size specifically, sometimes parents will over tighten the leg elastics thinking that the snugger…

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Cloth wipes?

First of all, this will be my last post until at least July 12th (unless I re-blog something). I am going out of town until late on the 10th and then the 11th is filled with prenatal appts, unpacking and likely a mountain of laundry. I will then be back to posting 2-3 times a week until baby boy is born, at which point I will be on a hiatus for a little bit. 

Today I mostly want your opinions. I have already figured out what diapers I want to start with, what detergent to try, how to make my front loading washing machine give me more water and I’ve gotten my husband on board. I have purchased every little thing I can think of that I may need or want except wipes!

Initially I want to use cloth wipes at home and disposables when I am out. Eventually I will bring the cloth wipes along when I go out too but until I figure out this ‘being a mom’ thing, I will try to keep it simple and not worry about carrying around wipes and solution everywhere I go.

This is where I need your help: what wipes do I buy?!?

I have seen all kinds of brands and most come in at $1-$2 a piece. I have a hard time spending that much on something to wipe up poop but will do it because I know there is money to be saved in the long run. If I absolutely must spend this on wipes, I want to know what the best ones are. That is where you come in! If you have tried cloth wipes, what brands have you tried? Is one kind better than another? Are the thin, tiny baby wash cloths really good enough? How many is a good number to start?

I should mention that I do not sew. As appealing as it is to make my own, I do not have a sewing machine or any sewing supplies, so making my own will not be happening.

Thanks for all of your help! When I return from my trip I will be ordering my wipes and I will let you all know what I’ve purchased. I will do a review on them once baby boy is here.