Travelling with CDs

So, after a two week hiatus, I am back! I wanted to write a post on Friday but some minor pregnancy complications got in the way and after a few hours in the hospital, I spent the rest of the day sleeping. All is well now so I figured I would share my thoughts on travelling with cloth diapers.

If you have been following this blog, I am personally not CDing yet because my baby is not due until August. With that said, I just returned from a 8 day trip that involved 2 flights and a 6 month old in cloth diapers. I went home to Newfoundland with a friend and her baby and we stayed with my parents. While my friend was initially hesitant about taking her cloth diapers, she went with it and we made it work.

The results: super easy!

It helped that we had access to a washing machine so washing was not a problem. The only downfall was the packing: my friend uses pocket diapers and she brought around 30 with her which took up most of a small suitcase alone. We flew on West Jet and unfortunately, they only permit you to take one extra bag (a ‘diaper bag’ carry-on) when you are travelling with an infant in your lap. Once you factor in extra clothing for baby, feeding supplies and toys, my friend’s bags were packed to the max! It did not look comfortable carrying around a baby in a wrap, 2 carry-on bags and a purse the whole time at the airports but you do what you got to do.


Tips in case you need to travel soon:

  • Bring a large wet bag or pail liner big enough for most of your diapers. We used a Kanga Care pail liner and hung it on a door knob to collect diaper laundry. You do not want to get somewhere and wonder where you are going to put those dirty diapers.
  • Bring disposable liners. If you are going somewhere without a diaper sprayer, you will need to dunk and swish or use a liner. If you are already into the dunk and swish method of removing poop then continue on, but if you are used to rinsing your diapers with a sprayer, you may want some extra help, especially when in unfamiliar territory.
  • Be prepared to show everyone your diapers! Honestly, this was a great benefit to bringing my friend and her baby home with me. When I told my mom I wanted to CD, she was hesitant and didn’t know if it would work. With my friend at my parent’s place, I was able to show her just how far CDing has come. She even got excited and showed a lot of other family the cute fluff that was on baby’s bum!

My Cloth Diapers Are Leaking, What Is Wrong?

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There are only 3 reasons that a cloth diaper will leak…ready for it?

#1) Improper Fit 
Look at the fit of your diapers on baby. Is it too loose or too tight?  The diaper should fit snugly around the waist and legs with no gaps.  Move baby’s legs up and down, side to side.  If you see any gaps, you’re going to get leaks, so check the adjustment.  Fit issues are seen most commonly with newborns (who tend to have skinny legs) and after baby has a growth spurt.  Chubby thigh babies who suddenly slim out when they become walking toddlers can get leaks if your diaper adjustment hasn’t followed suit.  Don’t be afraid to tighten diapers well.  You won’t hurt baby.  Elastics in cloth diapers are nice and stretchy.  Note: If you are using FuzziBunz One Size specifically, sometimes parents will over tighten the leg elastics thinking that the snugger…

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Cloth wipes?

First of all, this will be my last post until at least July 12th (unless I re-blog something). I am going out of town until late on the 10th and then the 11th is filled with prenatal appts, unpacking and likely a mountain of laundry. I will then be back to posting 2-3 times a week until baby boy is born, at which point I will be on a hiatus for a little bit. 

Today I mostly want your opinions. I have already figured out what diapers I want to start with, what detergent to try, how to make my front loading washing machine give me more water and I’ve gotten my husband on board. I have purchased every little thing I can think of that I may need or want except wipes!

Initially I want to use cloth wipes at home and disposables when I am out. Eventually I will bring the cloth wipes along when I go out too but until I figure out this ‘being a mom’ thing, I will try to keep it simple and not worry about carrying around wipes and solution everywhere I go.

This is where I need your help: what wipes do I buy?!?

I have seen all kinds of brands and most come in at $1-$2 a piece. I have a hard time spending that much on something to wipe up poop but will do it because I know there is money to be saved in the long run. If I absolutely must spend this on wipes, I want to know what the best ones are. That is where you come in! If you have tried cloth wipes, what brands have you tried? Is one kind better than another? Are the thin, tiny baby wash cloths really good enough? How many is a good number to start?

I should mention that I do not sew. As appealing as it is to make my own, I do not have a sewing machine or any sewing supplies, so making my own will not be happening.

Thanks for all of your help! When I return from my trip I will be ordering my wipes and I will let you all know what I’ve purchased. I will do a review on them once baby boy is here.

The Magic of the Sun

UV rays make stains disappear (they also help kill bacteria)!



Stains happen. Even the most faithful cloth-diaper-laundresses are not exempt from this unsightly truth. Cloth diapers, and all clothes for that matter, will get dirty and they will stain. That’s (laundry) life.

In such desperate times, many will turn to bleach. However, this is definitely not the safest option and we cannot in good conscience recommend it to our nature-loving, crunchy mamas.

  1. It’s not good for the environment. Though it is up for debate whether dumping it into your machine is actually harming the environment, the bleach-making process is extremely detrimental (read up here: This is enough reason for many tree-hugging parents to avoid buying it altogether.
  2. Bleach is bad news bears for you and your baby (well, for basically any human being). It can cause problems in your respiratory and nervous systems and can cause pretty nasty burns. Ick. And that’s just bleach as a solo artist…

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