You’ll get no mommy-points from me!

I have been dealing with some late pregnancy insomnia lately so I was up at about 3am reading forum posts and blogs. I came across a forum post about poop-explosions and how to deal with them in public and one response read “well I use cloth diapers so we don’t have this problem because we never get blowouts”. I’ve seen similar posts in the past from mothers who feel that they are somehow superior because they use cloth diapers and think that they are doing somebody a favour by discretely suggesting they do the same.

Well… I will not do this. I honestly feel that we all have our reasons for parenting however we choose and no parent is somehow better because they are a “breast feeding mother” or a “cloth diapering parent” or a “co-sleeping family”. In regards to cloth diapers, they are just not right for everyone. While I am very excited to give them a go and think that there are a lot of benefits to using cloth, I would never even attempt it if I didn’t have my own washer and dryer. I am not sure I would attempt it with twins or if my husband wasn’t also on board with using them. If I had not known anyone who also uses them, I probably would never have given them a second thought and if I didn’t have some extra cash to invest in buying my stash without knowing if I would like it, I probably would have started with disposables. If I was grossed out over bodily fluid, I would have said ‘forget it’!

What I am trying to say is, while I think people should consider the option, I don’t knock people who choose disposables. We are all parents of different situations and to feel like we are not good enough because we chose disposables (or we make any other parenting choice) is just not right. Do what is right for your family and don’t act superior because you think your choice is somehow better than the alternative. At the end of the day, it is only better for you!


Travelling with CDs

So, after a two week hiatus, I am back! I wanted to write a post on Friday but some minor pregnancy complications got in the way and after a few hours in the hospital, I spent the rest of the day sleeping. All is well now so I figured I would share my thoughts on travelling with cloth diapers.

If you have been following this blog, I am personally not CDing yet because my baby is not due until August. With that said, I just returned from a 8 day trip that involved 2 flights and a 6 month old in cloth diapers. I went home to Newfoundland with a friend and her baby and we stayed with my parents. While my friend was initially hesitant about taking her cloth diapers, she went with it and we made it work.

The results: super easy!

It helped that we had access to a washing machine so washing was not a problem. The only downfall was the packing: my friend uses pocket diapers and she brought around 30 with her which took up most of a small suitcase alone. We flew on West Jet and unfortunately, they only permit you to take one extra bag (a ‘diaper bag’ carry-on) when you are travelling with an infant in your lap. Once you factor in extra clothing for baby, feeding supplies and toys, my friend’s bags were packed to the max! It did not look comfortable carrying around a baby in a wrap, 2 carry-on bags and a purse the whole time at the airports but you do what you got to do.


Tips in case you need to travel soon:

  • Bring a large wet bag or pail liner big enough for most of your diapers. We used a Kanga Care pail liner and hung it on a door knob to collect diaper laundry. You do not want to get somewhere and wonder where you are going to put those dirty diapers.
  • Bring disposable liners. If you are going somewhere without a diaper sprayer, you will need to dunk and swish or use a liner. If you are already into the dunk and swish method of removing poop then continue on, but if you are used to rinsing your diapers with a sprayer, you may want some extra help, especially when in unfamiliar territory.
  • Be prepared to show everyone your diapers! Honestly, this was a great benefit to bringing my friend and her baby home with me. When I told my mom I wanted to CD, she was hesitant and didn’t know if it would work. With my friend at my parent’s place, I was able to show her just how far CDing has come. She even got excited and showed a lot of other family the cute fluff that was on baby’s bum!