Why CD?

Cloth diapering is one of those parenting decisions that can go either way. Until disposables became available in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there was only one choice – cloth! So, it is to my amazement that some people now think it is too much work, too expensive or most of all – gross. The truth is, it can be none of these things or all of them at once (if you let it be). I will use this section to outline why you should cloth diaper and I will try to dispell many of the myth and objections to cloth diapering along the way.

Cloth diapering saves money!

Lets face it…you *can* go overboard and spend more money on cloth than on disposables but you certainly do not need to and I believe that most people will never spend as much on cloth as they would have in disposables. With that said, I have read online a person who claims to have 100+ cloth diapers. Unless you have multiple kids in diapers, you only need about 24 of any given size diaper. If you are using sized diapers, you need less of the larger sizes because you do not need to change as often. Still, lets look at the math based on what I have personally spent and budgeted for.

Diapers (mix of Grovia hybrids, BG Freetimes and Pre-folds+covers) = ~$400
Accessories (wet bags, diaper sprayer, pail liners) = ~$100
Laundry (3 times a week x 2.5 years) = ~$400
Total: ~$900

Disposables (8000 diapers over 2.5 years) = $1800-$2000 

Based on these calculations, I will have saved $900-$1100 over 2.5 years (for one child). If I re-use them for a second child, I could essentially save an additional $1500!

What I should mention is that *your* savings will be different! I do not need to pay for coin laundry or water useage, so my laundry calculation is based on electricity for running my washer/dryer, as well as detergent. You may buy cheaper cloth diapers or would have chosen more expensive disposables (environmentally friendly disposables are not cheap!). You may have higher/lower electricity costs or choose different laundry detergent. If you go with a diaper service (basically a company that washes your diapers for you), you may end up paying just as much as you would have with disposables. Cost savings is truly what you make it!

Other reasons:

It is environmentally friendly!
Less chemicals against your baby’s skin!
Less diaper rash!
Less blowouts!
Cloth diapers are cute!
Cloth diapering is simple!


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